AFCAT Selection Process 2021 | Step by step guide to Join Airforce via AFCAT

AFCAT selection process 2021 can be checked here in this article. This article is all about the AFCAT Selection Process and included Step by step guide to Join Airforce via AFCAT. As The name (Air Force) itself is worthy to ignite the fire in you. A Huge Number of Candidates are willing to join the Indian Air Force. In this article, you may get to know the Selection process and Step by step process to join the Indian Air Forces through AFCAT.

Knowing its selection procedure may lead you to the front in cut-throat competition. To keep our readers informed with the latest updates on the AFCAT selection process and branch/duty wise Selection Procedure for the Flying branch, technical branch, and ground duty branch, we are writing this article.

On this page you will get answer of basic questions on AFCAT Exam, Lets have a look below.

  • AFCAT Technical Branch Selection Procedure 2021.
  • What is the AFCAT Flying Branch selection process and steps?
  • What is SSB Process in AFCAT Exam?
  • How is selection is being done of Ground Duty officers in AFCAT Exam?

AFCAT Selection Process 2021

AFCAT exam stands for Air Force Common Admission Test is a written exam conducted by Indian Air Force twice a year to induct officers in the IAF. All the candidates who have applied need to download AFCAT Admit Card 2021.

  • Making a career in the air force is not a walk in the park. It takes sweat and blood to get that courage and make your self up to that mark. It takes a lot to sacrifice for your nation.
  • Working in the Indian Air Force makes you strong enough and teaches you not to substitute words for actions, not to seek the path of comfort, but to face the stress and spur of difficulty and challenge, to learn to stand up in the storm.
  • It gives you a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions, a predominance of courage, and an appetite for adventure over the love of ease. -Words from Indian Air Force Career Website.
Candidates can check AFCAT Selection Process here

Visit the Official website of AFCAT

AFCAT branch wise Selection Process:

AFCAT exam and AFCAT selection process, Mainly conducted for three branches with different roles and duties. Have a look below for more details.

  1. Ground Duty Branches – You manage all the activity on the ground which includes the following duties. You may want to join ADMINISTRATION BRANCH or ACCOUNTS BRANCH or LOGISTICS BRANCH or  EDUCATION BRANCH or METEOROLOGY BRANCH.
  2. Flying Branch – You are trained as a Fighter pilot or a Helicopter pilot or a Transport pilot and are part of various peace and wartime missions.)
  3. Technical Branch –  As an officer in the Ground Duty (Technical) Branch, you propel and manage your team to ensure that the Indian Air Force remains airworthy.

AFCAT 2021 Selection Procedure

The selection procedure for the Flying branch, technical branch, and ground duty is divided into 4 steps. These steps include AFCAT & EKT exam, SSB (5 days), Medical Examination, and All India Merit List. So let’s read all the steps of the AFCAT selection process one by one.

Step 1: Notification, Application and AFCAT & EKT Exam:

  • All the Indian Air Force who wants to join IAF via AFCAT need to download the AFCAT notification and read it carefully. After that, You need to fill the afcat application form.
  • To fill this form, First, you need to be eligible for the AFCAT exam (Age Limit, Education Qualification, and Physical Standard).
  • Once you fill the form successfully, You need to appear for Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) and Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT) which is being conducted twice a year.
  • If you pass these two exams (EKT is for the technical branch only), Please follow next step 2.

Step 2: SSB at AFSC (6 Days)

  • All the hard-working candidates, who are lucky to clear written exams (AFCAT and EKT) successfully, will be called for the next round which is SSB Round in AFCAT Exam.
  • SSB is being conducted at Air Force Selection Boards (AFSCs) at Dehradun, Mysore, Gandhinagar, or Varanasi for the next evaluation of candidates.
  • The second step is divided into two stages- Stage 1 (day 1 ) and Stage 2 ( day 2- day 6)
Day 1: Screening Test (At SSB Center)
  • So in this 6 days evaluation process, On the first day, you need to report to one of the Air Force Selection Boards (Dehradun, Varanasi, Gandhinagar, Mysore, and Kancharapara) as given on your admit card/ call letter.
  • Day 1, you will go through the Officer Intelligence Rating Test, Picture Perception, and Discussion Test.
  • All the qualified candidates who qualify, need to go for the next day for further evaluation, the rest who are unable to make it, need to leave back to home. It means only the qualified candidates from stage 1 will go to stage 2.
Day 2: CPSS/PABT/Psychological Test
  • All-day 1 qualified candidates will go through the day 2 evaluation process.
  • On day 2, All the flying branch candidates will go through CPSS / PABT (Computerised Pilot Selection System/Pilot Aptitude Battery Test).
  • Next, you need to appear for the psychological test which is a written test conducted by a Psychologist.
  • Now you won’t have to go back home till the whole process is complete till day 6.
Day 3: Interview/ Group Exams
  • Now you need to go through several interviews. Interview activity involves a personal conversation with an Interviewing Officer who will judge you based on various parameters.
  • You also will be tested based on various group tests.
  • Please note that Group Tests are interactive indoor and outdoor activities that are a combination of mental and physical work.
Day 4: Interview/ Group Exams
  • Day 4 also will be packed with groups test and interview processes, but the day 4 activity will be different from day 3 activities.
  • Please note that all the group’s test and interview process will have different parameters and procedures.
Day 5: Interview/ Group Exams
  • Air Force officials will explain everything before starting of group test and interview, that in this particular test/interview what they are looking for and what skill they will check.
  • Day 5 activities will be different from day 4 and day 3.
Day 6: Conference round (recommendation)
  • The final day is the most important day of the selection process at the SSB center and it is called the conference.
  • Basically on conference day, all the officers who evaluated you (Psychologist, Ground Testing Officer, and the Interviewing Officer) will decide on your personality and decide on whether to recommend you or not.
  • All the candidates who get recommendations need to fill the certain application form and documents and subsequently move to the next step.

Step 3: Medical exam round at AFCME

  • Yeah, now you are on the corner of the final selection. God gave you so much strength and skill to qualify long 6 days staff selection board (SSB) process.
  • Now you need to go through the medical examination which will be held at AFCME or IAM.
  • AFCME is Air Force Central Medical Establishment located in New Delhi.
  • IAM is the Institute of Aviation Medicine located in Bengaluru.

Step 4 : Final AIR List (All India Merit List)

  • If you qualify from step 1 to 3 which includes screening test, SSB round, and medical exam, we would say you are a god gifted person with extraordinary qualities. It is not an easy process to reach till the final round.
  • In the final step, the All India Merit List will be declared. This score is an addition and average of all scores you grabbed so far which includes a written test and AFSB interview, and medical exam.
  • The final selection in the merit list also depends on vacancies available in various branches/sub-branches.
  • joining instructions are issued to join one of the Training establishments.

Candidates who are preparing for the AFCAT 2021 are strongly advised to check all the details from the official website before taking any action on it.

Q: What is the Selection process for AFCAT?

Ans: See above
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