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20 Business Ideas to Start With Low Investment in Village and City After Lock Down

In This Article, We will talk about a Few Business Ideas that can be started with the low investment in the village and the city as well. In this Covid 19 pandemic era gatting jobs and starting a business become a big challenge. Investing an amount in any business can be risky. So Here We have listed a few businesses that can be started with low and zero investment. The success of any business depends on the efforts and dedication of the business owner. Tips to get success in a new business are also listed at the end of this article. Let’s have a look at the below-listed 20 Business Ideas to Start With Low Investment.

If you decided to start your own business then must think as per your qualification and area of interest. Start a business in which you are interested to have the desire to give a high of that business.

See Top 20 Business Ideas to Start With Low Investment

1:Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a growing business in the internet era. In this business, you just need to promote the other brands and need to convert the lead into sales. In Affiliate marketing, you may make a good amount of commission. A list of a few top affiliate Marketing platforms is listed below. see below What You need to do in This Business

  • You Need to Promote other’s products/services on your website or YouTube channel to generate leads.
  • You will Get paid a certain % of the share for each product/service purchased via your link.
  • Get paid your % of the share for CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate programs.

Here are Few Popular Affiliate Marketing Platforms

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart

Investment Required

No Investment is required you just want a laptop or PC with internet.

2: Courier Service

Courier Service may be a good business idea nowadays. Nowadays people prefer only courier service for sending things and objects. You may start in your local market is starting and after that, you can expand it. See below what you need to do in this business.

  • Pick up parcels
  • Drop off parcels at the location
  • Get paid according to the courier services offered
  • Be on time.

Investment Required

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You required some investment to obtain a license and vehicle to operate the business.

3: Social Media Management

Social Media Management is also a high profit-making business nowadays. If you are excellent in content writing and revert on any massage. See below for areas of work in this business. There are a few essential elements of social media management that you need to understand. See below what you need to do in this business.

  • Create engaging content for social media handles
  • Be updated with the latest social media trends
  • Add relevant hashtags 
  • Increase following and reach of the social media handles
  • Interact with the potential customers on DM

Investment Required

No Investment Required, You must have knowledge of social media platforms.

4: YouTube Channel

If you have any special talent then you may come on youtube. To earn from YouTube you need to upload the interested and unique video and monetize your video. By monetizing your video you may earn a lot of money from youtube.

Questions and Answers

In Case you have any kind of questions on the above-listed business ideas then please write us through comments. Team OID will get you back as soon as possible.

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