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How To Start Slipper Making Business in 2022 | Know All the Details Here

Hello guys. In this article, we will tell you “How To Start Slipper Making Business in 2022”. A sleeper is a comfy sandal, which people use indoors. Nevertheless, there are other products than sandal which is called sleepers, which you can wear while you go out of your house in comfort. Various types of sleepers are sold in the market. Many small and huge firms make a lot of profit by making it. You too can be prosperous in earning a lot of money per month with the help of this venture. All crucial details related to setting up this Business will be given. Scroll Down and get more details on How To Start Slipper Making Business in 2022 with low investment and check all the details.

Raw Substances Needed To Make Slippers

The raw substances needed are air rubber sheets (Rs 400 per sheet), strap sheets (Rs 6 per meter) and packing material (Rs 25-45 per unit), etc.

How To Start Slipper Making Business

With the help of the sole cutting machine, you require to cut the rubber sheet. Remember that you cut the complete sheet with a particular die.

  • If the equipment is of good and reputed quality, then during the cutting itself, there are holes in the slippers instead of the lace. After cutting, with the help of a grinding machine, the rough part around the sleeper is leveled.
  • After the sandal is cut, it needs to be printed. It costs very little.
  • Once the slipper is printed, you have to leave it to dry for some time. When it dries, it is enlarged with the help of a drilling machine to enlarge the holes made at the required places.
  • After this, with the help of strap inserting machine (hand open rated tool), the laces are inserted in it.
  • So, by following the procedure above, you can make slippers and sell them in the main market.

Packing Of Sleepers

You can use the boxes on which the cartoons are made. Check You require to get the cartoons according to the size of the sleeper you made. You can apply different types of colorful stickers to your sandal packets to make them attractive. Apart from this, you can do packaging by pasting the sticker of your brand on the cartoon.

Marketing for the venture of making slippers

You can market your sleeper in all the big and small sandal shoe shops in the city. You can grow your business very easily by taking your sleeper to various big shopping malls also. Also, you can promote your slippers through radio, newspaper, billboards, posters, etc.

Location required to set up and Start Slipper Making Business

You need a little more space to commence this venture. Since various kinds of equipment are used to run this venture, so for this you require a minimum of 200 square meters of space.

Precautions while making slippers

The first caution in this venture should be regarding quality. You can also use rubber sheets available in the market but the quality of those must not be good. If you make slippers with their help, your slippers will not be marketed well. While cutting the sleeper from the rubber sheet, it is necessary to keep in mind that the sleepers are cut in a better shape. Apart from this, you should make a safe arrangement of electricity at the place where you have to make sleepers.

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उम्मीदवारो की जानकारी के लिए उन्हे बताना चाहते है की नीचे दिए गए सवाल और उनके जवाब भी Slipper Making Business को शुरू करने में आपकी मदद कर सकते है।

Q : Slipper Making Business शुरू करने की प्रोसेस क्या है?

उतर : प्रोसेस ऊपर पेज पर दी गई है उम्मीदवार दी गई प्रोसेस को फॉलो करके बिज़नस को आसानी से शुरू कर सकते है।


To end this article, we just want to say that this is a profitable venture. It is one of the finest money-making ventures. Everyone wears slippers & the demand for slippers is massive, especially in the Indian market. So, we hope you guys have now understood the way of Starting a slipper-making Business. All the best!

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