Indian Army GD Written Test Syllabus 2021, सेना जीडी पाठ्यक्रम विस्तार से यहाँ देखें

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भारतीय सेना जीडी टेस्ट सैलेबस 2021 (Indian Army GD Written Test Syllabus)

Army GD Syllabus – Dear candidates, you are preparing for army gd exam, we are proud of you. all the youth who are preparing for army job, i must say everybody is doing great job to make this nation proud. But to join defense jobs in india, you need to prepare well. Nowadays thousands of participants are filling army recruitment form and very few are getting final selection. You need to study really well to get selected in Indian army.

आजकल हजारों प्रतिभागियों ने सेना भर्ती फॉर्म भरना शुरू कर दिया है लेकिन उनमें से बहुत कम क अंतिम चयन हो रहा है. भारतीय सेना में चयनित होने के लिए आपको वास्तव में अच्छी तरह से अध्ययन करना होगा 

Indian Army jobs- Being a soldier in the Indian Army is a dream come true for an aspirant. Indian Army is a passion to someone who really wants to join the Army and serve the nation. The spirit of oneness and patriotism is in the blood of the Indian Army. Youngsters in a country like India desperately want to join the Indian Army. So, this is the reason we are here with the Indian Army GD Written Test Syllabus 2021.

Army Selection process- Since the establishment of the Indian Army on 15th August 1947, a huge crowd of youngsters every year aspire to join the Indian Army but a few make the path to become Army personnel indeed. The thing here is that we do not concentrate on the depth of the Indian Army Selection procedure (भारतीय सेना चयन प्रक्रिया) and just start preparing picking up the data from here and there and end up doing something which is in vain.

Now this year too Indian Army has released the general duty (GD) recruitment for all those who aspire to become soldier in Indian Armed Forces. So, let us look at Indian Army GD Written Test Syllabus 2019.
हमारी वेबसाइट पर, हम नियमित आधार पर सभी नवीनतम सेना के नौकरियों को अद्यतन कर रहे हैं | कृपया इसे बुकमार्क करें और नियमित आधार पर आओ नवीनतम सेना नौकरी के लिए |


भारतीय सेना 2021 जीडी टेस्ट पाठ्यक्रम- Aspirants before moving forward to the Written Test syllabus 2021 must check their eligibility for The Indian Army 2021. We have mentioned the Indian Army Eligibility Criteria in the previous article. Once you are through the eligibility means that you are eligible to apply to the Indian Army. You can apply online for Indian Army. Application is available online on the official website of Indian Army

Indian Army GD Exam Pattern

Check below chart for subject wise marks and other details

SubjectQuestionsMarksPassing Marks
General Knowledge1530Passing marks is 32.


NCC ‘C’ Certificate

holders are exempted

General Science2040

Indian Army GD Exam Marking Scheme 2021

So here comes a question – do you want to become a part of one of the world’s biggest Armies? Want to serve your Nation? If YES, then you are on right track and on the right website. Here we are going to elaborate on the Marking Scheme for the Indian Army GD Written Test 2021. A Candidate should know the Marking Scheme and the Syllabus (the updated one) for the post he/she is going to apply for.

Without further ado, lets us look at the Indian Army GD Written Test Marking Scheme for the year 2021. The below table describes all the aspirants eagerly waiting for the Marking Scheme. The below table showing the army marking system. (Niche Wala Table सेना अंकन प्रणाली दिखा रहा है)

Topic NameMarking Scheme
General Knowledge30%
General Science40%

NOTE:- Written Test for GD is of maximum of 100 Marks comprising of 50 Objective Type Questions from General Knowledge, General Science, and Mathematics. you need to score a minimum of 32% to pass the exam.

From above we are clear about the Indian Army GD Written Test Marking Scheme for the year 2021. Now let us move ahead and check the Indian Army GD Written Test Syllabus 2021.

Indian Army GD Written exam Syllabus

In this section, we will cover the round syllabus for the Indian Army GD Written Test Syllabus for the year 2021. Before starting, we urge the candidates that they should read the information given here carefully. this will provide more clarity about the actual syllabus pattern for the Indian Army GD Selection process.

Now let us move ahead with the actual information. So, guys are ready with paper and pen to write the Syllabus down. Also, We will update the Indian Army GD Written Test Syllabus 2021 article further once we receive any official updates regarding the GD exam syllabus. Now let us look at the syllabus for the GD Exam 2021 one by one.

General Knowledge Syllabus 2021(GD)

This section contains 30% of the overall weight age. This section is very vast and candidate should prepare very carefully since this could be the deciding factor. Be up to date every day and read newspapers daily. Make a habit of reading newspapers on daily basis and watch good news channels. Be focused for you preparation. Let us look at the syllabus for General Knowledge.

TopicQuestion Type
SportsNational and International both
HistoryBattles & dates in Indian as well as world History. Important dates and national movement
AbbreviationsCommon object and phrases, Scientific, places, people etc
TerminologyGeographical, economic and Astronomical terms, Legal terms etc.
GeographySolar System, Desserts, Peaks Lakes, waterfalls, questions on biggest and tallest etc
Awards & PrizesGallantry Awards, National-International Awards, Nobel Prizes etc
Other TopicsBooks and Authors, UNO, Indian Armed forces, States and Capitals, UTs, Researches, Festivals of India and the world, Current Affairs etc

The above syllabus is not a comprehensive list of topics pertaining to the subject. At times questions may be asked other than the above topics but definitely within the syllabus of CBSE.

General Science Syllabus 2021

This section comprises 40% of the overall weight-age. In the Indian Army GD Written Test 2021, you will see maximum questions from this section. So, preparation of this section is very important. Try to prepare in such a way that you can mark answers in less time. Let us look at the syllabus for General Science.

TopicQuestion Type
BiologyGeneral Question related to day to day activity (General Biology)
PhysicsGeneral Questions related to day to day activity (General Physics)
ChemistryGeneral Questions related to day to day activity (General Chemistry)
Scientific TerminologyCommonly used scientific terms in day to day life

Mathematics Syllabus 2021

Mathematics is a scoring subject if it is a written exam but in objective type it just depends on answers you mark. So, you need to practise more and more to make more marks in this section. This section comprises 30% of the overall percentage. Let us see the topics asked in GD Written Exam.

TopicQuestion Type
GeometryLines and angles, triangles, circles, quadrilaterals, parallelograms
MensurationArea and perimeters of rectangles, squares, circle, parallelogram. Volume and surface area of cube, cylinder, sphere etc.
ArithmeticQuestions on Work, time & distance, simple and compound interest, HCF, LCM, Decimal, Fraction, Square roots, questions on average, ratio, proportion, profit, loss, etc.
AlgebraBasic Algebra operations, factors and quadratic equations etc.

The questions will be based on the ability of the candidates of age group ranging between 16 & 20 years.

Books For Indian Army GD Written Test 2021

Though we all know that there are a lot of practicing material and books available on many websites. A good book is always an essential part of exam preparation. Here we will provide you a list of books that will be helpful in the Indian Army GD Written Test Syllabus 2021 preparation. Also, you need to study smartly as the time is less in exams. So, just go for the books suggested here.

NER – This book is for complete preparation of Soldier GD Exam of the Indian Army, Contains Maths, Science, GK and a Model Paper. This book contains all the possible information that a candidate must have to prepare for the Soldier GD Exam.

ACC – This book is best for the candidates who are preparing for the Indian Army GD Exam as well as SSC aspirants. This book has the latest content & updates as per the needs and requirements of the candidates. You will get all the current affairs and General Ability questions in this book.

So, from Indian Army GD Written Test Syllabus 2021 to the recommended books for preparation. We have covered each and every topic in an elaborated way. Candidates, now it is your responsibility to prepare well if you are really passionate about joining the Indian Army. Study hard guys and feel our country proud.

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