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Punjab Patwari Syllabus 2023 and Exam Pattern

Aspirants who were waiting for the syllabus of PUNJAB PATWARI EXAM 2023 can put a full stop to waiting. In the following article, we are going to provide you with the syllabus and exam pattern of PUNJAB PATWARI 2023. Syllabus of all the detailed subjects that are going to be a part of the examination. We will also discuss the pattern of examination like marking scheme, question type, etc. PUNJAB Patwari AND EXAM PATTERN 2023 can be downloaded with the help of the below links.

Detailed syllabus of the Punjab patwari post has been given below:

1. General Knowledge/Awareness (India & Punjab) ’20 Marks

Current Affairs, History & Geography of India, its Physical Features, Climate, Demography, It’s Economic and Social Development, Poverty Alleviation, Economic Planning. Knowledge related to Political and Scientific fields, Sports, Cinema and Literature, etc. Important Events, Freedom and Social Movements and their Leaders of India and Punjab. Constitutional & Administrative law, its Features, Central and State Executive, Judicial System, Centre-State Relation Citizenship, Fundamental Rights & Duties of the citizens.                                                                             

2. Mental Ability: ’15 Marks’

Problems on Logical thinking, Alphanumeric Series, Coding & Decoding problems, Letter & Number Series, Blood relation puzzles, Odd Man Out problems, Analogy problems, Common Sense Test, problems on Alphabetical Arrangement of Words, Date and Calendar problems, Sense of Direction problems, Ranking and Sitting Arrangements                                                                                                                              

3. Quantitative Ability ’30 Marks’

Mensuration of Rectangles, Square, Triangles, Trapezium, Rhombus, Pentagons, Circle, etc. Units of measurement land and their conversion. Percentage, Profit and Loss, Interest, Divisibility Test, Simplification Problems, Problems on Ratio & Proportions, Data Interpretation, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Calendar, Clocks, Trains, Problems on Age.                                            

4. Languages (English and Punjabi) ’20 Marks’

Basic Grammar, Subject and Verb, Adjectives, and Adverbs, Synonyms, Antonyms, One Word Substitution, Fill in the Blanks, Problem concerning words, Comparison of Adjectives, Articles, Prepositions, Direct and Indirect Speech, Active and Passive Voice, Correction in Sentences, Gender, Singular and Plural, Idioms and their meanings, Reading comprehension, Spell Checks, etc.                                  

5. Information Technology ’15 Marks’

Basics of Computers, Working of Mobile Phones and personal digital Gadgets, Introduction to wireless technology in day-to-day communication, Fundamentals of Computers and Networks, Internet and Cyber Laws, Malware, Concepts related to GPS, Geo-fencing, Understanding emails/SMS/ messengers & tracing, Use of Office Productivity Tools such as MS Word, PowerPoint, spreadsheets, Database Management.

6. Agriculture: ’10 Marks’

Rabi and Kharif crop their sowing period and varieties etc., Soils of Punjab, Agroforestry, Irrigation System, Agro-Based Industry, Food Processing, Harmful/ Friendly insects and animals to agriculture, Contribution of agriculture in economic development and Institutions related to Agricultural Development.                                            

7. Punjab History and Culture ’10 Marks’

Sufis, Saints and Gurus, Lodhis and Mughals, Sikh Rulers, The British Period, National Movement in Punjab, Punjab in Independent India, Major personalities in the history of Punjab, Punjabi literature, folklore, performing arts and crafts.                                   

Check Punjab Patwari Syllabus here
Download Punjab Patwari Syllabus here


The exam pattern of Punjab Pattern 2023 is as follows:

  • Questions will be in the form of Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ).
  • Each question carries 1 mark. So each correct answer is of 1 mark and for every negative answer ¼ the mark would be deducted
  • The total mark of the examination paper is 120 marks.

Marks distribution as per subjects:

S.NoSubjectNo. of QuestionsNumber of MarksTime Duration
1.General Knowledge/ Awareness (India & Punjab)2020 Marks02 Hours
2.Mental Ability1515 Marks
3.Quantitative Ability3030 Marks
4.English language, Punjabi language2020 Marks
5.Computers/Information Technology1515 Marks
6.Agriculture1010 Marks
7.Punjab History and culture1010 Marks

Frequently Asked Questions:

Team OID is giving information about some letters asked questions related to Punjab Patwari AND EXAM PATTERN paper 2023 here, if you still have any Doubts in your mind, then comment, the team will answer your questions as soon as possible. Will give

Q. When will the Punjab Patwari 2023 happen?

Ans. The date of Punjab Patwari 2023 is still tentative. It will be announced on the official website.

Q. When will the result of Punjab Patwari 2023 be declared?

Ans. As the date of applying online has also extended, every date will be extended. The result date is still tentative. It will be announced on the official website.

Q: What are the number of PUNJAB Patwari AND EXAM PATTERN paper?

Ans: PUNJAB Patwari AND EXAM PATTERN is of 120 numbers

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