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License Required To Start A Private Security Agency in India, Know How to Start

Hello guys. This article will give you details about “License Required To Start A Private Security Agency in India”. Nowadays private security agencies are emerging as the biggest employment industry in the country. As the demand for security is increasing, with the passage of time this industry will grow even more. Today lakhs of people across the country are getting employment by joining this sector. You will get to see security guards in almost all areas, government or non-government institutions. In today’s post, you will know in detail how to start a private security company.

How to start a License Required To Start A Private Security Agency in India?

Have you ever wondered how a private security agency is started? If you also want to join this kind of industry somewhere, then today’s article will be very useful for you. Today I will make you aware of every step which is necessary to start a private security agency.

This is such a business where there is more profit in the ratio of investment. For those who are ex-servicemen, this is a perfect business because they already have experience in this field. It is not necessary that you open a big agency, it is also started with small scale and low cost.

If we talk about risk, then there is negligible risk in it. Paperwork and legal hassle are also less in this business. The demand for security personnel is increasing in big cities as well as in small towns.

There is not a very long process to open a security agency. Yes, you have to be ready for some expenses and hustle and bustle. Let us know step by step what is the whole process to open a security agency.

Check details on License Required To Start A Private Security Agency in India
Check License Required To Start A Private Security Agency in India here

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Eligibility for a security agency license

  • Only an Indian citizen / company is eligible for a security agency license.
  • The applicant should not have been convicted in any court.
  • Applicant should not have any kind of association with organizations posing a threat to national security or banned under any law.
  • The applicant should not have been dismissed from any government service due to any misbehavior from the Central/State Government.

Start A Private Security Agency in India

Generally, the rules for this type of business are almost the same in all the states. The minimum height of the male security guard should be 160 cm and the minimum height of the female security guard should be 150 cm. Chest 80 cm which should expand by 04 cm.

There is no minimum requirement for chest measurement for women. The security personnel should have the ability to run one kilometer in 6 minutes. Eyesight – Far vision 6/6 Near vision 0.6/0.6 with or without glasses. Must be free from hearing impairment. While recruiting Security Guards, you have to see whether he is eligible for recruitment or not.

For the recruitment of security guards, there are no uniform rules relating to physical qualifications for all places, in some places so much physical test is not taken during recruitment while in some places it is necessary.

You will have to decide whether to give training to the guards and you will also have to make arrangements for the full uniform for them. check You have to give the information related to the uniform at the time of registration.

You will have to provide the facility of training for the personnel to be appointed from the training center. In this way, you can start the business of a security agency. On many occasions, you can also work with a big agency in the beginning.

Conclusion: Our Opinion

There is a little cost to do this business, but there is less possibility of loss in it. This is a business that depends on the quality of your agency. Always remember after a while if you want to move forward in this business then never let its quality fall down.

When the guards appointed by you in an organization work in a well-disciplined manner in full uniform, then it increases your identity. Special attention needs to be paid to this.

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