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Start T Shirt Printing Business and Earn 1 lakh Monthly

Everyone wants to be in fashion in today’s era. People are into fashion nowadays due to Social media. That is why the venture of clothes is on peak and running like a bullet train. In today’s era, many clothing firms have conquered the market by selling only printed fashionable T-shirts. That is why, in this article, we will mention the details regarding “How To Start T Shirt Printing Business”. This venture is a money-making venture as you can earn good money by selling T-Shirts of various colors and trending designs.  Read the complete article below to know “How To Start T-Shirt Printing Venture with low investment”.

Time Taken In T-Shirt Printing

1 T-Shirt takes 2 minutes of time to print. The exceptional thing about this T-shirt is that it will be smooth and the print will be solid.

Space Required for Start T Shirt Printing Business

Very little space or area is required to commence this venture. That is why you can commence this T-Shirt printing venture from the comfort of your house.

Check here update on Start T Shirt Printing Business and Earn 1 lakh Monthly
Start T Shirt Printing Business and Earn 1 lakh Monthly

Total Cost To Commence This Venture

The total cost of this venture can take around Rs 50,000. The investment & cost involves the cloth, machinery, and other raw substances.

Money-Making In T-Shirt Printing

In this venture, a T-shirt costs a total of Rs.120 by printing it on a T-shirt worth Rs.100. You can sell this T-Shirt for Rs 250.

Packing Of Printed T-Shirt

Half of the chances of getting your T-Shirt sold is the packaging. Packaging plays a vital role in selling your T-Shirt. After your T-Shirt has been printed, you have to focus on its packaging. Now, for this, you can prepare your own packaging which can be unique and eye-catchy to the customers. On the packaging, you can mention the size and other details of your T-Shirt. In addition to this, you can also use the images of Superstars of Bollywood to make your packaging more attractive.

Promotion For Your T-Shirt Printing Venture

This venture is fully dependent on the design. Therefore, the more new and attractive designs you bring to the market, the more your brand will sell. You can hire a designer for this special, who can buy you readymade or new designs. Once you have planned and created a design in your mind, you can make the T-Shirt on Adobe Photoshop or you can hire a designer. After this, you can launch your own store and sell your designed T-shirts. In addition to this, you can also sell your T-Shirts in bulk at other readymade shops in the city, but if you sell your printed made T-shirt from your store then you will get immense profit from it.

Loss Chances In T-Shirt Printing Venture

There are chances of loss in this venture. There is a chance of risk in every venture. So, you have to deal with the risk if you face any de motivation in between your venture. But you can always prevent the chances of loss and risk in every venture. We know it might be disappointing if your venture faces any loss in between, but you do not have to take a step in hurry to close your venture. You have to deal with losses as well. Sometimes you will earn profit and sometimes you will get lost. So, we won’t say that there are no chances of loss, but yes you can prevent losses.

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We hope that you guys have liked this article. You can trust the details given above to commence a T-Shirt printing venture. If you have any doubts regarding your T-Shirt Printing venture, then you can ask your queries in the comments section below.


Here some questions have been answered for Start T Shirt Printing Business and Earn 1 lakh Monthly

Question- How to do business of T Shirt Printing?

Answer- In this article, complete information about doing T Shirt Printing Business has been given.

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